Additional spring (helper spring) is installed between axle and vehicle frame. The helper spring works in conjunction with factory leaf spring. The installation is similar to an air spring but much easier; the factory bump stop is removed and its mounting point is used to fix the Maxi-Load® helper spring. The bottom part does not have to be fixed to the axle. The Maxi-Load® helper spring does not need air; it's a natural vulcanised hollow rubber spring providing smooth and progressive spring rate.  Spring force can be set at installation with spacers. No drilling or adjustment of vehicle frame is required. For most of the vehicles, installation can be done quickly. 

Helper Spring for Leaf Spring Suspension 

  • gives extra load support
  • stabilises swag and sway
  • reduces body roll
  • improves overall ride comfort
  • spring rate is adjustable with spacer supplier in the kit
  • self dumping property
  • reduces vibration
  • works like an air spring but without airlines or compressor, does not leak air
  • needs less installation space and less accessories than air spring
  • easy installation
  • progressive spring rate
  • silent functioning
  • maintenance free
  • prolongs factory leaf spring's life time
  • available in different sizes for different applications (double- or triple convoluted hollow rubber springs) 


    Main part of the Maxi-Load® suspension enhancement kit is the  Maxi-Load® hollow rubber spring. It's not a simple massive piece of rubber like old style bump stops but a perfectly engineered spring. The spring rate and progressiveness is realised by proper design of critical dimensions.
    Main dimensions influencing performance are height (H1), outer diameter (OD1) and inner diameter (ID3). Furthermore the difference of the two chambers (H2, H3, ID1, ID2) play a significant role. The result is a characteristics that can not be reached by either a single spring leaf or by a coil spring: progressive (variable) spring rate, self-damping property trough hysteresis and perfect vibration isolation. But this is not everything, because after selecting the proper hollow rubber spring for your vehicle, the function can be set (fine-tuned) with different spacers (dimension T); when (in which stage) the helper spring should start to act. E.g.: if the vehicle is empty or when the vehicle is half loaded, as you prefer.  
    The spring is made from natural vulcanised rubber that withstand both static and dynamic load. This way it can be a reliable part of the vehicle suspension. We offer 5 years warranty for all  Maxi-Load® helper spring sets. 

    Leaf Spring helper spring explanation


    • Load capacity from a few hundred kilograms up to two tons
    • Different mounting kits for different vehicle brands
    • Different hollow rubber spring sizes and convolutions (1,2,3)
    • Spacers and screws for at least 3 different setting options
    • Can be customised for special vehicles upon request



     If you select your vehicle, you might find more options for your helper spring. If you are not sure, which helper spring you need, measure the free space where factory bump stop is located and based on this measure you can choose the proper helper spring. E.g.: on this picture (Ford Transit 2020) there is 195 mm free space for the helper spring. If you are not sure which version you need, please send such photo to our customer service and we will get back to you soon with our proposal(s). 


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