We recommend helper air spring systems in the following cases: 

  • If vehicle height has to be adjusted regularly.
  • If vehicle left and right side has to be levelled separately: e.g. a motorhome vehicle, camper van parks on a hill and vehicle has to be brought to horizontal position.
  • If vehicle driver insists to have always the optimal suspension comfort, regardless if the vehicle is fully loaded or empty: e.g.: shipping of very sensitive or fragile goods or a camper van.




Air spring systems are the most modern suspension solutions. However, before installation, it's recommended to think about both advantages and disadvantages:
  • Soft ride at any load condition.
  • Levelling possible at any time (if compressor is installed on board).
  • Left and ride side can be levelled independently.




  • Most expensive suspension enhancement solution.
  • The system needs regular maintenance.
  • The driver always has to take care continuously of proper air pressure in the system, otherwise air spring cushion will wear off quickly.
  • Installation can be sophisticated and needs high attention. 
  • Air lines, connections or air cushions might leak and system needs continuous air feeding. 
  • Installing an air spring system on the vehicle is a significant change on the vehicle, therefore product certification (e.g.: TÜV) is required that has to be presented on the regular vehicle technical inspection. (All MAXI-LOAD® air spring systems have the necessary certifications.) 
Air spring systems are the most sophisticated and expensive suspension enhancement solutions. We do not recommend air spring systems just for enhancing (reinforcing) a leaf spring or coil spring suspension; for this purpose we recommend other maintenance free products, such as helper springs and leaf spring reinforcing kits.



MAXI-LOAD® air springs are available in the following options:
  1. MAXI-LOAD® air spring "Basic": air spring system without compressor. The system can be inflated with from an external source (e.g.: compressor at the petrol station)
  2. MAXI-LOAD® air spring "Comfort": air spring system including compressor and control unit. In this case the levelling of the vehicle can be controlled anytime with the help of an on-board compressor. 




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