Leaf spring reinforcing kit - HD01KIT

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Kit includes: 

1. Spring reinforcing parabolic spring leaves with accessories: 2

2. Prolonged u-bolts with nuts: 4

Notes: Heavy duty leaf spring reinforcing kits are designed and produced based on Customer order according to agreed specification. This is a very unique service we provide on the European IAM leaf spring market. 

The following information is needed:

1. Article number (OE part number) of the spring.

2. In case of you do not know the article number, please provide vehicle data including model name (e.g. MAN TGA), model year (e.g. 2020), position of  the axle (e.g. front or rear) and VIN (chassis) number. If possible we need 2 -3 photos about the factory spring. 

3. Based on the information above we confirm asap, if we can supply the reinforcing leaf spring kit solution. 

4. Production time is typically 2 weeks. 

5. We provide 3 years warranty for our reinforcing kits.